Mail to homes, and MAIL IT NOW!

We don’t look to find “the good” in the coronavirus, because in human terms there is very little good to be found. Fortunately, by the grace of God, or just dumb luck, our combination of printing and mailing services have been deemed as an “essential” business. That would be hard to argue, considering all the good reasons there are to put ink on paper.

We realize that many of the good industries that are shut down, would argue they are just as essential. That being the case, we are grateful for what we have, and we intend to serve, as best we can, all clients that need and want our services to continue.

For a number of our clients across many industries, we’re finding this unprecedented time may also be the right time get direct mail projects out and into the homes of customers and target audiences. We’ve listed a few of these reasons below: 

  1. More people at home. With most states under ‘stay at home’ orders, many people are either working from home and/or adhering to the stay at home orders issued by their local/state governments. It’s fair to say things have slowed down in our daily lives, giving a lot of us more time to read and interact with our mail. This is a good time to reach out to your customers and let them know you’re still there, list alternative ways for them to interact with your business, and/or offer promotions for when your business is able to reopen.
  2. Faster delivery times. Mail volume is down significantly (as much as 50%), resulting in your mailings arriving sooner. We have learned of several non-profit mailings arriving at their destinations the next day, rather than the typical four to seven days USPS estimates.
  3. More prominence. With lower mail volumes, your marketing/advertising is competing with fewer mailings in your customers’ mailbox. This gives a lot more prominence to your mailing when it reaches your audiences.

Many clients have a customer mailing list they’d like to reach out to directly, but there are also several options to purchase mail lists based on location, interest, affiliation, and many other factors. Our sales and mailing teams are very familiar with these options, and would love to help you expand your mailing/marketing audience.

Keep in mind, these timing advantages of “mailing now” do not necessarily apply to business to business mailings. Mail arriving at a closed or partially closed office will quite likely wind up in a pile losing prominence, or may be returned because of full mailboxes.

So, if you want to reach your target market and get their full attention, mail it to the home and mail it now!